基督教教育从未像今天这样重要. LOL外围下注, one of the top private and independent schools in Georgia and located just south of metro Atlanta, 位于费尔本, partners with Christian parents to ensure each child in grades K3-12 reach their full potential in a God-honoring environment. Our students’ success stems from our philosophy that the heart is the pathway to the mind. To realize our vision of “Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ,” our students must know who they are matters as much as what they know. When home, church, and school come together, an unbreakable strand is formed that lasts a lifetime.



One of the best ways to experience Landmark Christian is to visit our campus. Landmark is located just south of metro Atlanta with our campus in Fairburn (K3-12). Private tours are available upon request and are available during the school year. We also offer 校园游览日 and 开放的房子s to allow prospective families the opportunity to speak with and ask faculty, students, coaches and administrators questions. 今日透过电邮联络我们: 770-692-6742 or 电子邮件我们 安排旅行. 

12月5日,星期二,上午9点到下午12点 即将报名
2月13日,星期二,上午9点至下午12点 即将报名
3月19日,星期二,上午9点至下午12点 即将报名


1月27日星期六,节目下午1点开始.m. 即将报名


Landmark的学生来自亚特兰大大都会地区, 我们有去道格拉斯维尔的公交线路, 桃树城, Newnan, 营溪, 和Chick-fil-a公司.


学前班(PK3 & 偏昼 $9,000 包括学费, metro area field trips, 一套教科书, and classroom supplies.
学前班(PK3 & 幼稚园(K4)及幼稚园(k5)全日制 $13,500 包括学费, metro area field trips, 一套教科书, and classroom supplies.
一至三年级 $15,400 包括学费, metro area field trips, classroom supplies and 一套教科书.
4 th-5th年级 $17,300 包括学费, metro area field trips, classroom supplies and 一套教科书.
6日至8日年级 $19,600 包括学费, 体育运动, 都会区实地考察和班级静修, 计算器, 一套教科书, 在线课程, 手册, 文学小说.
9 - 12年级 $21,700 包括扶轮社会费, 体育运动, 都会区实地考察和班级静修, 计算器, 一套教科书, 在线课程, 手册, 文学小说. (不包括AP考试费用).

有关财政援助的信息,请访问 金融援助 page where you can learn more about assistance with your tuition.


Please contact the 招生 Office if you are looking for a mid-year start of January 2024.

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be available November 1.

We are grateful for your desire to partner with LOL外围下注 in preparing your child to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Within small class sizes where teachers know each student well, Landmark provides personalized learning to assist each student in determining their passions, 发展他们的天赋, 并按照上帝的旨意发挥他们的潜能. 这是一种丰富的、有益的、相关的教育.


As with most competitive academic schools, not every family who applies can be admitted. We partner with Christian families in the educational process of their children. 一个成功的地标学生:

  • Demonstrates strong academic acumen where they are performing at or above grade level 
  • 在成人和同龄人面前树立基督徒的榜样
  • 是否全面发展并参与课外活动(例如.g. 体育、美术、STEM)


Phase 1 

  • 完成网上申请(申请费200美元).
  • Upload required documents on the 招生 Checklist (received upon receipt of application).
  • 完成经济援助申请(如有需要).
  • Schedule academic testing through the 招生 Office (or submit current MAP testing results).
  • Participate in a Group Shadow day (Applicants in grades PK3 through 2nd grades). 

Phase 2

  • Opportunity to Participate in a Shadow Day (Students applying in grades 3 through 12th).
  • Schedule an interview so we can learn more about your family and your student’s learning needs.

Once Phase 2 is complete, you will be notified of your admission decision.

在接受, families will be instructed to log in to their application portal to review their enrollment offer. 适用于申请经济援助的家庭, this will include any financial aid or discounts awarded as well.

There is a $450 new student fee that will show as part of your enrollment offer. 这个新的学生费用将包含在你的学生账单中. 在签订合同时, 你要付总学费的10%, 这在你的合同上作为入学保证金反映出来了吗.

If you need assistance in the application process or have additional questions about Landmark Christian, 请致电770-692-6742或发电子邮件 (电子邮件保护).



私立学校的录取程序各不相同. 在具有里程碑意义的, 入学是基于父母对耶稣基督的信仰, 学生的学习和行为历史, 推荐信, 影子日和面试. 四年级学生必须年满四岁, 五年级学生必须年满五岁, and students entering the 1st grade must be six years of age by September 1 to enroll in the respective grade.

May we visit the LOL外围下注 campus before applying?

Yes. 我们提供个性化的费尔本校园之旅. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please contact us at 770-692-6742. 我们期待尽快与您见面!


Shadow Days are a great opportunity for applicants to see and experience Landmark facilities and faculty/staff. Shadow Days will vary in length and format depending on the age of the applicant and the time of year. 请透过电邮联络我们 770-692-6742 讨论这个机会.

How does your students' college attendance rate compare to other schools?

从1990年第一届毕业班开始, 100% of Landmark students have been accepted to numerous prestigious colleges and universities 比如哈佛, MIT, Cornell, 范德比尔特, 斯坦福大学, 佩珀代因, 约翰霍普金斯大学, 佐治亚理工学院, Emory; local and state colleges like Georgia, Auburn, 北卡罗莱纳, and Florida State: and military academies - United States Military Academy at West Point, 美国海岸警卫队学院, 美国海军学院, 美国空军, 全国范围内. These matriculation statistics are higher than public schools and many private schools 全国范围内, 在大亚特兰大都会区, 和富尔顿, Fayette, Coweta, 道格拉斯县. Scholarship offers for each Landmark graduating class are remarkable. The 80 seniors in the Class of 2023 amassed $11 million dollars in college scholarships, not including the HOPE Scholarship, GTEG, or Zell Miller Scholarships. We invite you to compare Landmark Christian to other private and public schools.

Where can I find private school reviews and testimonials about LOL外围下注?

LOL外围下注 is ranked as one of the top private schools in Georgia and is highly recommended and reviewed among students, parents, 员工, 和校友. Visit Niche.com, GreatSchools.org, and Facebook, to compare Landmark to private and public schools in the area and nation, 还有读私立学校的评论.


Yes. 为了方便我们的家庭, transportation is offered on a limited basis to and from our Fairburn campus from the following areas:

S. 福来鸡总部附近的富尔顿





欲了解更多信息和查看价格,请访问 运输 webpage.


For more information about financial aid availability and eligibility, please visit our 金融援助 page.






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